The Launch Of Luxe Art Tech!

It has been a long time coming but we made it! Luxe Art Tech has finally launched and is open for business.

Why was it created?

Luxe Art Tech was created for you!

8 Yrs ago I launch my first business, in college, on a nearly non existent budget. $100 to be exact! I know.. Crazy! It was during the recession and at the time, my mom and I were struggling to keep things together. I was in my second semester at FIT and I just wanted to go to school and create. Yet, I was proposed with the challenge of trying to survive. My mother and I had done all that we could, until it finally came to a cross roads where I could no longer pay for school.

I was crushed! I looked at school like as an end all be all. I saw no other way to thrive in the industry without. Boy was I was wrong! But we will speak more about that later.

Knowing how upset I was, my mom gifted me $100 to do whatever I wanted. I always called that my “spiritual seed fund”. ” Do something nice for yourself”, she said. And so I did. I Launched my Fashion line, Created all the samples myself, had a my first fashion show in New York City, obtained brand sponsorships to partner and donate to the show & was covered by industry media!! It was a huge deal but I had many obstacles along the way, had many tears and through it all created my vision on a budget.

I don’t know your story, but if you are anything like me.. I know you have a deep passion to create and share your creations with the world. I would like to make your life a bit easier and hopefully have you avoid some of the mistake that I made and streamline you to creating your best. Changing the wise lyrics of Jay-Z ” Erica, did that. “So hopefully you won’t have to go through that“.

What we will offer?

Luxe Art Tech the Creative Agency, will look to collaborate with companies & Creators to assist in elevating their Content & Skills to their #Luxe level.

Luxe Art Tech the Digital Platform will house resources for Creators in the Art & Fashion Industry. Covering everything from Ideation to Sample Production, with sprinkles of Fashion Business knowledge and Content Creation along the way.

Currently we offer classes in:

-Fashion Illustration

-Sewing & Garment Construction

-Branding & Social Media

You can also see the additional classes and mentorship packages available here

We even have a digital library, jam packed with free knowledge, resources and take aways.

Excited to work with you all and help make the process of Creation a bit easier along the way.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. You can reach me directly via email or DM me via @luxearttech .Looking forward to hearing more about your goals, aspiration, and how I can assist on your creative journey.

Talk you soon!


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