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Custom & Contemporary Women's Wear Designer. Founder of ETA Luxe by Erica Appleby &  ETA Atelier



Visual Artist & Illustrator for Fine Art, Digital Art and Fashion Illustration 


Through my Digital Agency & Platform LUXE ART TECH, I aim to share all my knowledge & Industry Experience. 


As a lover of books and Literature, it is so fulfilling to share my knowledge & create pieces that will last forever

Mix a bit of Island Bohemian, 2 shakes of Run D MC and thats me...
Erica Appleby, a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on creating with love, purpose and problem solving. I see the world as a canvas, with the universe as my guiding force and the ability to create anything I envision. 

I began sewing and drawing at 5 yrs old and through out my early years always dreamt of being a business owner and touching the world with my creations. In 2012 as a student studying Fashion Design at FIT in New York. I was faced with making a difficult decision to drop out of school for a semester and let go of the one passion I loved the most, to work in retail. Like many other minority students, I was unable to pay for school and had maxed out all loan possibilities to continue my education. 

I was devastated. 

I felt like a failure, empty and asking how did I get here? Feeling my pain deeply, my mother gifted me $100 to "Do something nice for myself". Instead of spending the money on shoes or clothing, I decided to officially launch my Fashion Brand ETA Luxe and used the money to purchase my first LLC, Website and never looked back. 

Shortly after graduation, I worked in the NYC Fashion Industry designing for Companies like Reebok, Disney and Cover Girl by day. And by night,  I worked on my Brand creating beautiful pieces for my collections and Gowns for my clients Weddings & Birthday Parties. 

 in 2016,  I took a leap of faith, quit my job and decided to pursue my passions full-time as a self-employed Fashion Designer. This new adventure allowed me to connect & develop my client base, rediscover my love for visual arts , Find crafty way to produce content; as well as study and further my skills in Fashion Illustration, Photography, Creative Direction, Event Curation, Social Media & Wellness Programing to empower both myself & others. 

In 2019  I founded a Digital Learning Platform & Creative Agency called Luxe Art Tech to assist other creatives to foster their ideas and bring their dreams to life. With Luxe Art Tech I assist companies and other creatives in their journey to finding their creative voice. My work has been Presented, Awarded, and Featured in Vibe Magazine, Voyage Miami, New York Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week, Karib Nation, Art Basel, the Grammys, BET, NBA Awards & Singer Sewing. It has been an honor to share my art with the world  & I look forward to more collaboration in the future, while teaching others to do the same.

Now let me help you tell 

your story!

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