Creating & Cultivating intentional content for individuals &  businesses from inside out! 

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I. Creative  Agency

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"each OFFER, OPENS YOUR DOOR TO ENDLESS  opportunity  &  amazing growth"

Luxe Art Tech? 

A Miami Based Design & Creative Agency to Assist & Educate,
current/ Aspiring Fashion, Art Creatives & Businesses on their journey to amplify their gifts and turn their passion to
 Profit & Build Brands that they love. 

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I'm Erica Appleby, the Designer, Creative Director, Content Creator &
all around creative.  
I'm also  a lover of sunsets, the color blue & Learning. Yet, we will talk more about that later, because I'm here to help you. 
Over the years I have developed new skills around my passions & now
 I'm dedicated to assisting others to having their dreams come True. 

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